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WaterEye is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform designed to be the backbone of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution. The software platform utilizes propriety algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze data collected from each hydrant and formulates it into actionable reports based on stakeholders needs for specific information.

WaterEye upgrades a standard fire hydrant to become an Intelligent asset

In the digital world of Internet of Things (IoT), a hydrant can now automate processes that until now have been accomplished manually. By systematically collecting event data from the field in real-time, WaterEye enables water authorities the ability to accomplish the following:
Retain Revenue
Water theft is reduced by 90%
Improved resource planning
Allocate water consumption to appropriate cost centers

Permit authorized consumption, Theft Fire Department, Maintenance, Miscellaneous
Reduced liability
Detailed reports of hydrant's maintenance history & health status
Fire Department preplanning
Backflow events
Customer satisfaction

Hydrants are a vital tool

For fire departments and ensuring they are 100% operationally ready safeguards the community and minimizes the loss of life and property.

By implementing WaterEye, utilities will have the analytical tools needed to accurately monitor and manage the hydrant network to ensure these assets provide the full service(s) they were intended for.

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